Noticing the Small Things

One of my original inspirations for this blog is that appreciation for nature doesn’t have to involve a big trip, overnight camping, or some extraordinary experience. We can experience the beauty of the natural world by simply taking a step outside the front door.

A couple of weeks ago, I stepped outside to bring in the trash can, and ended up falling in love with frost.

Nothing but crystallized water vapor, there is something about frost glinting in the sunlight on a bright, crisp winter day that makes me feel energized and refreshed. I ended up spending several minutes walking around and taking photos of frost in my leaf-covered yard.

An addition to enjoying the beauty, I also appreciated the line of demarcation in my front yard between the frost covered area in the shadow of my trash can, and the frost-free areas already exposed to the sun. Not exactly rocket science: we know the sun’s rays heat the surface and that frost forms on surfaces at or below freezing, but it is somehow satisfying to see these simple laws of nature carried out.

What are some of the little things in our natural world that make you smile? Have you been enjoying any winter scenery this year?